Hello Tale readers!

Welcome to my sick little world. I hope you find some fun reads on this site. I several short stories to offer. Also are a couple of 100 word flashes. (The fun type.)

For those of you that desire to be a part of a writing community please stop by Absolute Write. You will find like minded folks from all over the world sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of the craft. It’s a gold mine of information.

You can now read my novella at Smashword.com. Brimstone, An Acquired Smell. Is also on Amazon.com now.

I have two shorts that were written a few years ago just for fun. Mattie, The Courageous, and My First and Last Time. They are just a couple of silly little stories.

Also find a few 100 word flash stories that I have not incorporated as of yet into any larger story.

Desire, Wedded Bliss, The Farm, The Shopper, The Stepford Wife, and Sweetie.

Also added now is Chilly Corners with ‘Winning the Lottery’ as the first buddy story to be added for your fun read.

More will be added as time goes on. Thank you for stopping by and giving them a read. Again, I hope you enjoy them.

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