Wedded Bliss (100 word flash)

Wedded Bliss

Sam rolls over, his back to her, replaying the lustful sex they have just enjoyed.

For the last fifty years his love has only grown deeper. Indeed, she’s no longer the spry, sweet thing of her youth, but experience makes up for it as she devises new levels of experiments to try.

Come morning he will offer to make her breakfast in bed, a game they sometimes play, as his way of saying ‘thank you’ for the night of pleasure she gives him.

Today he’ll make her something special in honor of the fourth anniversary of her demise.


One Response to Wedded Bliss (100 word flash)

  1. Have you read “Everlasting Love”? Your story has a precedent in real life, in Key West no less.

    It’s getting harder and harder to shock me these days. Sigh.

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